Ten Things to do in San Telmo on a Sunday

Walking Alley : Feria de Antigüedades - Plaza Dorrego
From 9 until 5:00 p.m. Relics that were part of the houses are sell: mates, fans, pots, jewels, trunks, boxes, clocks, bottles, camaras, phonographs, stamps, records, old radios, tableware and other curiosities.

Location: Plaza Dorrego - Humberto 1° & Defensa St.

Guided Tour : Zanjón de Granados
A fascinating tour around the hallways and tunnels of an underground complex. Includes foundations, documents and objects from when the city was first founded, five centuries ago. Every 30 minutes from 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Location: El Zanjón de Granados - Defensa 755

Sites: La Casa de Esteban de Luca
La Casa de Esteban de Luca, on the corner of Defensa and Carlos Calvo, was once the home of the distinguished poet and soldier who wrote the country's first national anthem and was a hero of the May Revolution of 1810. It's now a quaint, if somewhat touristy, restaurant serving international and local cuisine; Antonio Banderas dined here during the filming of Evita.
Location: Calle Defensa 1000, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Sites: La Galeria del Solar de French
North of Plaza Dorrego, at Defensa 1066, is La Galeria del Solar de French, a neoclassical mansion built on the site where Domingo French, a hero of the War of Independence, once lived.
Location: Defensa 1066

Museums: Museo Histórico Nacional
Enormous magnolia, palm, cedar, and elm trees shade the sloping hillside of Parque Lezama, site of the National History Museum. Bronze statues of Greek heroes, stone urns, and an imposing fountain shipped from Paris are part of the landscaping.
The mansion houses artifacts and paintings spanning the 16th through 20th centuries, organized chronologically. Although most items have inventively translated English labels, there are no explanations of their significance, so unless you have a detailed knowledge of Argentine history many exhibits will be meaningless. Nonetheless, an hour perusing maps, clothing, and personal effects is enough to get an idea of what life in Buenos Aires used to be like. From 11am to 5pm
Location: Defensa 1600

Museums: Museo Penitenciario Antonio Ballvé
Exhibiting artifacts from early-20th-century prison life, this modest museum, once a women's hospice, includes a genuine striped uniform and jail cell. Behind its large courtyard stands Nuestra Señora del Carmen chapel, named after the patron saint of the federal penitentiary service. The chapel dates from the Jesuit period. From 3 to 7pm.
Location: Humberto Primero 378

Tango Show: Bar Sur
Musicians and dancers perform at Bar Sur, a traditional tango bar with shows every night 8pm.
Location: Estados Unidos 299

Tango Show: Viejo Almacén
Viejo Almacén is both a hot spot for tango and a fine example of colonial architecture. Built in 1798 as a general store, it served as the British Hospital in the 1840s, and then as a customhouse. Tango artist Edmundo Rivero purchased it in 1969. It's only open for dinner and shows.
Location: Balcarce 786

Milonga : Torquato Tasso
22 hs. Free Milonga @ Tasso the best option in San Telmo for Tango.
Location: Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso - Defensa 1575

Milonga : Plaza Dorrego - Milonga del Indio
At night, a lantern illuminates a now deserted street. In a corner of the square, some colorful lights announce that there will be a milonga at eight o´clock. Organized by Pedro -El Indio- Benavente.
Location: Defensa 1100 - Plaza Dorrego

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