Food, Drinks & Four Bars @ San Telmo

Where to go for Pre-Clubbing drinks

We know you're going. There is a lot of nice Clubs at BA and you just can't miss them. So instead of be waiting until 2am at the Hostel eager to dance, why don't you go to walk trough San Telmo and have a drink at one of the fine bars in the area? While there are plenty to choose from, here's a list of four that will surprise you.

Doppelgänger Martini Vermouth & Bitter
(Av Juan de Garay 500 Esq. Bolívar)

Has a letter of 100 drinks cocktails that emphasize classic cocktails and use the best brands of spirits and liqueurs.

Our suggestion: one of the most Exceptional & Unique the Comfortable Martini (Vodka, Southern Comfort, Miel, Peel de limón)

Tues - Thurs 7:00 pm - 2:00 am Fri 7:00 pm - 6:00 am Sat 8:00 pm - 6:00 am Happy hour de 7pm-9pm

Krakow Café
(Venezuela 474)

A great spot to sit down and enjoy a cold pint in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The best place to drink draught in BA! well worth a look!

Named after the picturesque capital city of Poland of medieval times, they try to recreate the unique feeling of the classic Europeans pubs.

Happy hour de 7pm-9pm

La Puerta Roja
Chacabuco 733)

La Puerta Roja is a different kind of invitation. What kind? Just knock and come in this door glows and opens as soon as you ring the doorbell, like the illegal bars in the 1920s, during the dry years in the United States.

It is a simple, essential bar, with nothing superfluous, which was transformed exclusively due to word of mouth publicity, in an inevitable place like San Telmo.

(Defensa 740)

Argot is a bar, cafe, and art gallery decorated in a modern style and with an excellent use of the color red, seen in the furniture and brick walls.

They have happy hour specials, and welcome the after office crowd. They offer a good list of drinks that you can enjoy with the best playlist of Chill Out music.

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