Planetarium at New - Luis Pescetti and Juan Quintero

December 15
19:00 Hrs

The new planetarium opened yet: Luis Pescetti and John Quinteros present their show "Lyrics Pilgrim" and then the Planetarium will be open for interested parties to enjoy a screening of 10 minutes to appreciate the new technology. FREE ENTRANCE.


"Poetry and song come together in an intimate encounter: dormant magic"

In this particular presentation, Luis Pescetti read some poems and accompanying Juan Quintero, alternating music and poetry in an encounter unusual and exquisite.

A journey where poetry read by Pescetti merges with musical accompaniment Quintero, playing Cuchi Leguizamón authors such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Jaime Roos, Javier Ruibal and Pedro Guerra, among others.

Luis Pescetti: a writer of books for children and adults, musician and actor.

Juan Quintero, songwriter, folklorist, a member of Aca Seca Trio.

NEW Planetary

The Planetarium "Galileo Galilei" of the Ministry of Culture, Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires opens its doors completely renovated in technology. Since its reopening presents their shows with a new star projector, a new system of full dome immersive video, renewed internal dome mobile seat 4D that have a system for interactive participation.

Optical Planetarium

MEGASTAR II Model A, installed in our showroom, shows stars of magnitude up to 11 °, a million stars that conventional planetary, a true revolution in the sky projections. It also shows more than 140 clusters, nebulae and the Milky Way can be seen with a realism never before achieved. It is the first in the world to adopt LED lamps to project in large domes. The instrument of 32 lenses ensure maximum projection quality.

Immersive Video

The new shows also dazzle by their high resolution images. DigitalSky II SKy Skan, is a full dome video system that covers advanced full hemispherical dome.

The result is the creation of a single definition immersive environment, color, movement and realism surprising. So far we enjoy planetarium room of the starry sky observable from any place on Earth in times past, present or future; The new system adds the ability to perform a historic shift in perspective: immersive projection takes us anywhere in the universe to live astronomical wonderful experiences.

Among the many ERP functions could include:

-Generation of highly realistic virtual environments.

Simulation of eclipses, transits, meteor showers.-Travel and flybys of deep sky objects like nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, etc.

Simulation of atmospheric effects (refractive scintillation of the stars).

-Projection of constellations, ancillary marks orientation and astronomical elements (ecliptic, Ecuador celestial meridians vertical circles, almicantaradas, azimuthal and equatorial coordinates, etc.).

-Orbits of the planets and their movements apparent strokes in the sky.

The 4D seats, with their movements, providing more realism to the performances projected on the renewed inner dome.

No doubt the amount of projection systems will generate a unique space for storytelling, teaching concepts and explore the whole universe.