Show for the Reopening of Teatro Colon

You may or may not remember that I've been talking about the reopening of Teatro Colon in previous entries. The point of this entry is to talk about the show that is going to take place that day, I said show, sorry I meant mega show.

The mega show will dazzle locals and visitors on May 24, 2010, for the Reopening of Teatro Colón, that will take place at 7 pm, before the Reopening Gala, and as part of the celebrations of the Bicentennial.

With a system never performed in Argentina, nine state-of-the-art projectors will create a film on the facade of the building with three-dimensional images and effects relating to the theater, its history and the cultural figures who performed on its stages. People will be able to watch an emotional audiovisual tribute by characters simulating interactions with ballet dancers, opera singers and musicians from the theater's companies.

The screening, known as Mapping Projection, will last for 45 minutes and will be performed on the facade on Cerrito Street (Avenida 9 de Julio), on which a large stage will be put up, and where different shows will be performed.

According to the project's technicians: "It will be an amazing show with the most innovative technology in the world. Each of the major protagonists from different disciplines will be honored and everything will be combined with poetry, great authors, stable companies, acrobats and other performers, as well as an evocation of the history of the Theater and how it has been recovered for the people".

After the show, people will be able to watch the Reopening Gala on large screens that will be placed on Libertad Steet.

So now you know everything about this mega show, we hope you'll be able to assist.

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