Main events for the celebration of Argentina's Bicentennial

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the May Revolution, the national government has designed the Bicentennial Walk, that will be put up on Avenida 9 de Julio, between Corrientes and Belgrano,. The festivities will be held on May 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25, 2010. On May 22 there will be a military parade and a Federal parade; on May 23 the parade of Integration will take place; and the main event will be held on May 25, with a proposal that combines tradition and innovation with the participation of artistic groups, musicians, and designers.

The presidents of Uruguay, Jose Mujica; Chile, Sebastián Piñera, Venezuela, Hugo Chavez; Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and probably the Brazilian president Inacio Lula da Silva, will participate of the festivities.

Participating countries are the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Italy, France, Spain, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia, which will have their own spaces and offer performances as part of the artistic and Integration Parade on 23 May.

There will also be a Fair of the Provinces, in which each one will reveal its identity, what distinguishes it, as their crafts, gastronomy and natural beauty. They will all participate in the Federal Parade of the May 22 and in artistic performances. There will also be a special place for the so-called Province 25, consisting of the million and half of Argentines living abroad, and for the Province of the Future, a special space for the active participation of children.

Within the Fair of the Provinces there will be a booth symbolizing the Nation, organizer of the festivities, and one for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, home of the May Revolution of 1810.

At Paseo de los Sabores (Walk of Flavors) each province and each community will market their products and typical native gastronomic products, as preserves, sausages, sweets, dishes, oils, liqueurs, etc.

There will also be six Thematic Portals, that will function as gateways to the Walk, and in which artists will symbolize the access to history, the Bicentennial, and the life of Argentina, addressing subjects such as Human Rights, Identity, Work, Culture, Democracy and institutions.

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