The most touristic places to visit while you're in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city, so big that is nearly impossible to visit every single place when you come here, this are the most important places that you should visit when you come here:

The Obelisk
Something very special and not known by many is that each of the faces of the obelisk reminds us of some historical event in Buenos Aires, such as the first foundation in 1536 and in 1580 the second and final in 1812 when it raised first national flag in the church of St. Nicholas, which was precisely where today stands the Obelisco and in 1880 the constitution of Argentina capital Buenos Aires. To build the obelisk was brought from the Province of Cordoba a lot of white stones. It has a staircase of 206 steps with seven breaks and four windows.
The obelisk was designed by architect Alberto Prebisch
(Architect of the Argentine modernism).
When there are situations of significant achievements sports celebrations, marches, repudiation of the government and / or political demonstrations, the Obelisk is the venue for this.

The Colon Theater
The colon theater(Teatro Colón) opened in 1908, located at Cerrito 618, Buenos Aires, is the most important Teatro Argentina. The central hall of the theater has a horseshoe shape and is considered one of the finest acoustic halls in the world. Raul Soldi-painter was commissioned to decorate the dome of this theater
The theater has a permanent company, orchestras, ballet, stage workshops, costumes, a library and a museum. The theater had the privilege of presenting big stars of ballet and music in the world, some of them, the dancer Julio Bocca, Julio Guerra, and singer Placido Domingo, among others. The theater has a capacity of 3542 spectators. Since 2007 it closed for refurbishment and maintenance, it is believed that from 24 May this year to reopen just in time for the bicentennial celebrations.

The planetarium

The planetarium (Planetario), called Galileo Galilei Planetarium is located in the park February the 3rd (3 de febrero). There are various activities, some of them are conferences and exhibitions that take place on time related to space research. Also constellations and planets are projected for those wishing to visit and learn more of the planet.
It is open Tuesday through Sunday. On Monday closed all day.

Botanical Garden
The botanical garden(jardín Botánico) is as English-style building, has a large number of plants of different species and several places in the world, has five greenhouses (winter garden), each with a different characteristic, the first was brought from France in 1900, measures 115 meters long and eight wide, and has 2,500 tropical plants. In different parts of the walk in the garden can be found together species belonging to a particular family. By entering this beautiful garden you can see a lot of works of art. It has artificial lakes and a place in the heart of the city where one can breathe the nature itself.

Plaza Dorrego "The Fair"
The so-called Plaza Dorrego fair serves as a traditional place to meet approximately every Sunday more than 7000 people to visit the stalls of different items from antiques to traditional objects. During the fair, in the streets that surround it are all sorts of musicians and dancers, from tango to folk music and visual artists to exhibit their work as well as living statues. This fair is located in the San Telmo neighborhood, where many houses have been recycled to become important antique shops or restaurants of first class.

National Museum of Fine Arts
For those who carry in their veins, everything related to the fine arts could tell them that this is one of the most important museums of America, known by the acronym MNBA, highlights national and international works from El Greco, Renoir, Goya, Picasso, to great Argentine artists such as Martín where Gorriarena, Pueyrredón among others. This museum has an important room photos, a very important library with more than 150,000 copies and two large terraces of sculptures. If art is your forte this is a place where you can not miss because here you can soak up culture and be amazed.

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