August, the tango month in Buenos Aires

August is THE month to be in Buenos Aires in case you're one of many who come here to taste the city of Tango. Between 14 and 23 August the City offers the greatest tango Festival, featuring free shows, exclusive performances, tributes, premieres of original productions, lectures, seminars, interdisciplinary spaces and appearances by both established and emerging artists of the genre. The Festival will be immediately followed by the City’s 7th Dance World Cup.
For two weeks, from 14 to 31 August, the City will ooze Tango, establishing itself as a great showcase of the tango activity throughout the year and also as a launching pad for new versions of an immortal music, the soundtrack Buenos Aires boasts before the eyes of the world.
The Tango Festival is a multitudinous celebration of the genre in all its varieties, and the driving force of a series of activities whose influence stretches throughout the year: the encouragement to the creation of new works, the recovery and value enhancement of the genre’s heritage, the stimulus to artistic excellence, the fostering of stylistic diversity and culture consumption, and the promotion of creative industries of the field.
The 7th Tango Festival strengthens those historical lines and establishes itself as the main showcase of the tango activity, a place where the big names of the genre and the new generations can talk freely.

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