Some feedback from our costumers...

Here you are!. Some comments from our Guest Book:

"An amazing stay! you guys are all super friendly and welcoming. I'll have nothing but fond memories of Ostinatto!
Thanks so much for all your help."
Chris, South Africa

"This was by far the best hostel I stayed at on my travels!!! The staff was great and the space is very inviting. I will definitely come visit again!!"
Kelly, USA

"Wow! What a stay!! Ostinatto is amazing, great vibe, awesome people, lovely rooms, loads to do!!
Thanks for everything, we will be back one day!"
Karli and Ben, Australia

"What a great place you have here. I don't think I will be able to separate my memory of Buenos Aires without thinking of Ostinatto.
See you soon!"
Jessica, USA

"As we say in english, 'you can check out any time, but you can never leave!'. Thank you Ostinatto for such a great stay... all 4 times!"
Kathrina, UK

All comments have been made from March '09 on.

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