The Night of Museums 2012

10 of November

In their ninth edition the museums of Buenos Aires open their doors during one night so that benefits of the art and the cultural patrimony free. Saturday 10 of November between the 20 and the 3 a.m.

The Night of the Museums will celebrate east year the legacy of Astor Piazzolla, in 20º anniversary of its death, with activities in diverse museums and spaces of the city. This edition of the culture under the moon will retake the torch of Piazzolla of the creativity and the musical experimentation.

The public will be able to design his Night of the Museums gratuitously, being transferred by the city in more than 80 lines of groups that adhere to the event or in the public system of trasnsporte of bicycles until the 02.00.

With more than 180 museums and participant spaces of art, this year we will be able to again leave to cross in some of our districts the diverse supply cultural that present/display the different museums, being discovered the curiosities that our immediate surroundings offer. In each district, it will be possible to be enjoyed exhibitions, guided visits, cinema, video, dance, theater, live music, to char them, oral narrations and performances