Stanley Kubrick

April 24 to May 8
13 films are projected on Leopoldo Lugones auditorium of the great director Stanley Kubrick.
The Theatre Complex of Buenos Aires and Argentina Film Foundation have organized a series called Integral Stanley Kubrick that will take place on Tuesday 24 April to Tuesday, May 8 at the Sala Leopoldo Lugones the Teatro San Martín (Avenida Corrientes 1530).

The cycle is composed of twelve feature films shot by this controversial filmmaker who has been loved, hated, deified and vilified by generations of moviegoers. As a coda to the cycle, is showcasing its artificial intelligence project ever undertaken, directed by Steven Spielberg finally, following part of Kubrick's notes.

"Son of a doctor in the Bronx, New York, Stanley Kubrick left school early to indulge his passion for chess, photography and film. After four years as a photographer for Look magazine, devoting his free time watching movies at the Museum of Modern Art, made ​​a short documentary about a boxer, Day of the Fight (1951), whose photograph close to film noir and interest by isolation, obsession and violence foreshadowed his later work. (...) Kubrick can be seen as a paradigmatic figure in twentieth century art, a symbol of irreconcilable conflict between reason and passion, accompanied by the hubris of a desire to control and determine the course of events and the devastating illusion of access to a kind of immortality of the intellect, the only possible answer to the cruel absurdity of physical existence "(Paolo Cherchi Usai).