November 11 to November 13
15:00 Hrs

The Ministry of Environment and Public Space, organized the first Art in Public Space to be held from 11 until 25 November, at different points in the City. This month in College!

This group will also participate MOS (Meeting of Styles) Buenos Aires 2011. This is an urban art international event that lasts three days in each city in which it performs.

This weekend the MOS first landed in Buenos Aires and will have its center in the district of Coleraine, in the Plaza located in Matienzo between Cramer and Conesa. Begin on Friday 11 at 15 pm, and to highlight their presence on Saturday 12, which will be painting the walls of the flea market at the same time that elapses there Night of Museums.

As for the artists, the selection includes Jaz, Nerf, Rome, Poet, Lean Frizzera, Emy Mariani, Bater, Ever, Corona, Gone, Georgina Ciotti, Cuore, Pum Pum, among others. This is the new generation of Argentine muralists who now has the opportunity to realize his work in Buenos Aires visible points with the support of the City of Buenos Aires.

"As we did with the bridge of the Faculty of Law, with artfully tapped trees and with Rivadavia Park mural, we make room for the urban art is very popular among locals and tourists. It is common sites turn into works of art. Is neither more nor less than Buenos Aires to continue to make an art museum open, "he said Santilli.

Places to intervene artistically:

1) Pools and Bustamante

2) Under Bridge av Sarmiento

3) Low bridge Dorrego

4) Place Mujica Lainez

5) Under Bridge Paraguay and Juan B. Justo

6) Balcarce and Humberto 1 º

7) Park of Argentine women

8) F. Lacroze and Cordoba

9) Independence and St. Joseph

10) Square Velazco

11) Square Norway

12) Under Bridge L. M fields and Dorrego

13) Flea Market

14) Parque Lezama (stairs)

15) Square Matienzo