Palermo Month

Thursday 27 October

Museo de Arte Popular Jose Hernandez
18:30 Hrs

The "Month of Palermo" with neighborhood institutions and museums.

Entities in the neighborhood

On Wednesday October 27th at 18.30h start the celebrations for the Month of Palermo, at the headquarters of the Academy of Aragon (F. j. S. Golden 1872). The proposal by Cultural and Social Association of Palermo, the Circle of Aragon, the Association of Friends of Guemes Square, with the participation of CGPC 14, include an account of a series of anecdotes of the neighborhood and the presentation of prestigious local artists the medium of dance and song.

Participants: Tato Bores Cultural Center, Board of Historical Studies of Palermo, Concurrent Newbie Association of Plaza Palermo Viejo, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Club Guadalupe Cultural Center Eladia Blázquez, School of Psychology at the University, Argentina-based JF Kennedy Palermo - Association, Palermo Commune Las Heras, Sports School Claudio Marangoni, Association of Friends of Barrio de Palermo Viejo, Senior Center, Serrano, among others neighborhood.

Craft shows

Museo de Arte Popular Jose Hernandez (Avenue of Libertador 2373).

Opens: Thursday, October 27th at 19h.

The Directorate General of Museums, under the Department of Culture, announces the opening of the exhibition which will present works of the craftsmen who have been selected, prizes and awards at the Fourth Biennial Crafts organized by the Buenos Aires Museum of Art Popular Jose Hernandez and the Commission for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the City of Buenos Aires.

It is held on Thursday October 27 at 19:00 pm at the headquarters of the museum (Avenida del Libertador 2373).

The exhibition will run until November 20, Wednesday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 20:00 hours. General admission $ 1. Sundays free.