Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2011

Tune in to the sweet sounds of jazz by international and local musicians at the annual Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival. Recoleta Cultural Centre, the Coliseo Theatre, the National Library, jazz clubs and other venues stage concerts and jam sessions.

The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival has earned its own right, a privileged place in the cultural agenda of the City.

Buenos Aires is, for several decades, an important capital widespread international jazz circuit and most important artists of the genre have been announced in the city over the years.

On the other hand, the local activity has always been rich and varied.

The Festival seeks, through its programming and its various series and activities to honor the diversity and colorful sound palette that is at the very essence of jazz.

The Buenos Aires international jazz artists invariably has never before been presented in the City.

In this sense, programming from American artists never fail, therefore, the birthplace of the genre, but also exponents of European jazz and new generation of American musicians.

But the Buenos Aires Jazz also reserves ample space and care to local artists. Both the consecrated, commissioned the music composition and orchestration to be presented during the event or invited to participate in "mixes" with guest musicians, as growing numbers of young musicians who surprised with their knowledge of language and talent, and fuel Buenos Aires scene night after night.

In the tradition of the best international festivals, the Buenos Aires Jazz offers other activities beyond the concerts, photography exhibitions, film theme, conferences and open interviews with leading performers.

And finally, every night ends with a massive and spontaneous meeting musicians and audience in a jam session.

Swing, spontaneity, diversity and excellence are adjectives that describe both Buenos Aires and its International Jazz Festival.