A Beatle lost in BA

Paul McCartney, one of the most important artist of the last century, will return to Argentina, after 17 years, when he broke all the records having 3 full stadiums by that time, even more than what Michael Jackson and Madonna had done in the same year.
His succesfull tour, called "Up and Coming Tour 2010", continues with shows in South America, and he will present in Argentina in the 10th and 11th of November, ar River Plate Stadium.

Since the beggining of the tour in march, The former Beatle has played in 25 concerts among USA, South America and the UK, with great reviews. Paul played in front of half a million fans in months.
McCartney´s shows have reached a new status level in the last years, with great repercution among fans and critics.
He crossed borders, playing in the Red Square of Moscow, outside the Rome Coliseum, Tel Aviv and a live concert broadcasted to a space station of the NASA.