Les Luthiers in Teatro Gran Rex

Starting today the Les Luthiers show "Lutherapia" at the Teatro Gran Rex de Buenos Aires. With over 109 functions performed, and surpassing the 260,000 viewers they return on their 3rd year.

Les Luthiers is an Argentine comedy-musical group, very popular also in several other Spanish-speaking countries such as Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. They were formed in 1967 by Gerardo Masana, during the height of a period of very intense Choral Music activity in Argentina's state universities. Their outstanding characteristic are the home-made musical instruments (hence the name luthiers, French for "musical instrument maker"), some of them extremely sophisticated, which they skillfully employ in their recitals to produce music and texts full of high class and refined humor.

Les Luthiers are known in particular for employing a diverse ensemble of invented instruments created from common, everyday materials. The group's first home-made musical instrument, the bass-pipe a vara (a sort of trombone), was created by Gerardo Masana, the founder of the group, by joining paperboard tubes found in the garbage and miscellaneous items. Forty years later, this instrument is still being used on stage.

With text, music, arrangements and direction of its members, "Lutherapia" includes such titles as The Crusader, the archangel, and the harpy (Operetta medieval), The Marriage of King Polyp (up prenuptial); The piper and rats (orratorio) Aria Agraria (humming conceptual) and The Day of the fine (exorcism symphonic and choral).

"Lutherapia" is intended as a psychoanalysis session through which Les Luthiers can demonstrate their talent and original comedy.

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