sustainable design

Program (INCOMPLETE) of activities:

Thursday 12/11

16 hrs. MSW Management. By Albert Dietrich (INTI)
17 hrs. Crafts and sustainable way of life. For Fairy Irastorza (Sec. of Culture, Corrientes)
18 hrs. Textile Chain of Solidarity. By Harold Pichi (Other market south)

Friday 13/11

15 hrs. Nendo Dango. By Horacio Desimone, Mauro Diaz (Group Nendo Dango). Bring seeds.
14 hrs. Natural diet and eating habits. By Angelita (Esquina de las Flores)
16 hrs. Distributed generation of renewable energy. By Alberto Anesini (
17 hrs. Green Building. By Carlos Grinberg (Study Grinberg)
18 hrs. Bretish Council (BREAM standards) and other examples. By Cecilia Timossi and Mauro Bernardini (PLAN architecture)

Saturday 14/11

14 hrs. "The Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore (2006). By Mariana Diaz (she trained by the organization The Climate Project)
15 hrs. Shopping bags and wallets with advertising banners. By Luke Desimone and Rodrigo Chapero (BAUMM). Puts music: Marcelo Esquiaga
16 hrs. Organic garden in pots and balconies. By Sonia Perez (Sony)
17 hrs. Biomimicry, learning from nature. By Eduardo Favret (INTA)
18 hrs. Recycled textile jewelry. By Silvina Romero. (Silvina Romero Jewelry Textiles)

Sustainable Festival Night - Night of Museums

20 to 2 hrs. eh! music DJ set.
21 hrs. Launching Green Directory. By Carolina Martinez (Directory Green)
22 hrs. Guided product exposure, Sustainable Design and designers involved.
00 hrs. Live Band (acoustic): Mama Rosin (Switzerland)

Sunday 15/11

14 hrs. Home. By Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2009)
15 hrs. Autitos Banks and cardboard. By James Morahan (Design Cartonera). Bring cardboard cutters and glue. A musician: eh! music
16 hrs. Reconcile creation and nature. By Maria Alejandra Gottelli (Cubreme)
17 hrs. Sustainable apparel and design applied technology. Julieta Gayoso (Indarra DTX)
18 hrs. Sustainable Design. By Ana Lisa Alperovich and Rodrigo Valdivielso (Sustainable Design)

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