Milonga : Cochabamba 444

Organized by Alfredo García. If you didn’t visit the place yet, you have to know that many tango professional and recognised “MAESTROS” learn and practice here.
For an authentic tango experience in Buenos Aires, you don’t necessarily need to go to one of those expensive places that offer Argentina Tango Shows aimed at tourists. Instead, head to Cochabamba 444, the San Telmo milonga where the city’s best tango dancers come to strut across the dance floor with people of all ages, walks of life, and nationalities. The bar is dimly lit by chandeliers with yellow bulbs, giving an aura of antiquity that takes you back to Buenos Aires in its Golden Age of high-society and sizzling tango bars. It’s located on a quiet street just three blocks from Plaza Dorrego, where the Sunday antiques fair is held.
Club General Belgrano - Cochabamba 444

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