Macri programming presented Colon Theater, which reopened its doors on May 25, 2010

The Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, led the presentation of the programming of the 2010 season at the Teatro Colon, which will reopen for the celebrations of the bicentenary of the Revolution of May.

"Today we are directed to that 25 May of the year the bicentenary this is one of the important events," said Macri to make the presentation at the Hotel Panamericano.

He was accompanied by the Ministers of Culture, Hernan Lombardi Urban Development, Daniel Chain, and Education, Mariano Narodowski, the Director General of the Theater, Pedro Pablo Garcia Caffi, first vice Legislature of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli, and Argentine Deputy Paula Bertol.

The Head of Government noted that "the works are going full steam ahead to build a culture of Argentina icon" and said it "represents the pride of the country," the fact that the personnel involved in restoration is Argentine.

He added that the restoration of Columbus is "a priority" in running the government because "not only means a cultural icon of Buenos Aires and Argentina, but is a sign that Argentina society may regain its place of leadership" .

The main Argentine cultural arena is closed for three years due to so-called master plan, which consisted of a strategy to restore some areas of the theater and whose completion was planned for 2012.

The current management restated the plan to give it greater speed and quality of work, so they are in the process of recovery works of the entire building and its extensions, ie, of the 58,000 square meters and the reopening of the Teatro in May 2010.

For the purpose, the Government established the Special Projects Unit (LEU-Teatro Colón) responsible for concentrating all efforts of the works in progress and asked the Legislature a record budget. Investment expectations of the work are around $ 100 million, to values as of January 2009.

Currently employed more than 500 workers and experts and all major areas of the theater will be completed before its reopening, while so-called "additional works", ie, modern building (Block C) adjacent to the historic building, will be delivered in 2011.

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