Guitarras del Mundo International Fest

The “XV Festival Internacional Guitarras del Mundo 2009” will take place from October 6th through October 18th, 2009, with free entrance to the public.

For the past 15 years, the Festival "Guitarras del Mundo" has remained the biggest world wide event dedicated to guitars and guitar players, in which over 700 artists have participated and 36 countries from America, Europe, Asia and Africa have been represented.
"Guitarras del Mundo" features regional music from around the world as well as new musical pieces, promoting at the same time meetings among different guitar schools.

In this year's edition local and international guitar players will offer over 100 concerts with free entrance in 84 venues around the country. In the city of Buenos Aires, the concerts will take place in the following venues:

* Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Libertad 815). October 7, 8, 9 and 10, 9 PM
* Espacio Tucumán (Suipacha 140). October 17, 8 PM
* Biblioteca Nacional (Auditorio Jorge Luis Borges, Agüero 2502). October 18, 5 PM

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